A Beginner’s Guide to Finding Your First Tenant

Discover how to easily find your first tenant + bonus checklists, and templates to make sure it's the best tenant for your property. This is THE ultimate landlord's guide to finding your first tenant.

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Taking your first plunge as a DIY landlord?

Feeling confused about where to start as a DIY landlord? Heard about all the property managers' horror stories, maybe even survived one?

Well, welcome to the world of rental properties. If you're just getting your feet wet and don't have a family member or friend with experience as a landlord, then buckle up! Because you're about to get a crash course in how to find your first tenant on your own.

See what’s inside

  • How to set the ideal rent that will attract tenants and keep them coming
  • How and where to advertise your listing to make finding tenants a breeze
  • How to present your property, virtually or in person
  • How to select tenants in a fair manner
  • What steps to take after selecting the ideal tenant
  • Plus, useful documents and checklists
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My Story - learn from my mistakes

What’s up, fam? My name is Sam and I own a rental property in Ohio.

I started my ownership journey by hiring the services of a property manager. Which, at the time, seemed like the best option for me.

The thing is, when I started out, my rental property was consistently cash flowing for quite a bit of time. I was happy being profitable without breaking a sweat. But that was my first fatal mistake.

Because suddenly, and without prior notice, things started to go downhill. Expenses were getting higher than normal, and I became completely dissatisfied because I didn’t have control of the property.

So, I did what any normal landlord would do. Which was to fire my property manager. That was my second big mistake. Because I didn't take the time to learn the basics of being a landlord before I got rid of my property manager.

Saved By the Bell…

I was at a loss. I had no idea what to do, or where to start. I didn't know how to find tenants, or how to keep them, or if I should list my property for rent, and if so, where? My head was spinning.

Fortunately, I came up with the bright idea of calling some friends and asking them for help. I was eventually saved by an experienced landlord friend, who walked me through the whole process.

Today, I manage my own property and I know that there are still millions of frustrated property owners who don't have friends or family with experience as a landlord to help them.

I can be that person for you, helping you take your first steps as a DIY landlord with confidence.

What bonuses do I get with the course?

Tenant checklist for moving in

A move-in checklist is a convenient and organized way to keep track of the condition of your rental property. It also includes important information tenants must know to effectively care for the property, which will make your life easier.

Value: $37

Top 5 rental listing sites

Take a quick tour around the best current rental platforms that guarantee high traffic and quality tenants, and learn how to list your property on them.

Value: $47

Rental Turnover Checklist

Find out what steps you need to take to start turning over your rental property to prepare for your next tenant.

Value: $57

Top 5 Property Management Platforms

Discover the best property management platforms that help you be more efficient in your workflow.

Value: $67

Landlord reference questions

Questions to ask when checking the tenant’s references to ensure that you are choosing the best tenant for your property.

Value: $77

Tenant communication templates

This is the easiest and most effective way to communicate building updates, rent increases or policy changes to your tenants.

Value: $97

Total value of the Landlord’s guide by itself?

Over $297

And over $679 when combined with the free bonus materials!

But you can get both the course & the bonus materials for

Only $97

(For a limited time only)

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Find Your First Tenant Effortlessly And Take Back Control Of Your Property Management.

This crash course cuts straight to the chase. It's a series of videos, handouts, and materials that will make it easy for you to find your first tenant by the end of the course.

Grab your copy today and learn the steps you need to place your first tenant. Let’s get it!

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